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The final page of pictures.

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The first 3 pictures are from Tuesday night when we went to Tequila frogs. I would have had many more great great pictures (can you say wet t-shirtless contest?), BUT my batteries died on the camera. Shit happens.

Picture 5 you can see chris pimping out the two Hawian Tropic girls (dumb and dumber come true). Pic 6 is a good map of the island to give you a feel of how it's designed.

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Chris and Dave just before they left on Wednesday (they didn't stay all week). Omar trying on some of his favorite hats. Those are the last pictures taken by the camera before the pool incident. Pic 13 is starting from Thursday afternoon testing to see if the camera worked.

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Thursday night we decided to hit Mexico for a second time. Luckily we didn't get any tickets on the way down. The first place we stopped by was "Black Cat Bar." It wasn't nearly as cool as I expected. It was very small and only played country music. Not what I expeceted from a Mexican bar. So we left and went to Crazy Lazy's. This time Omar decided to do the "Crazy chair."

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Since I tipped the guys really good, the spun the hell out of Omar and it's obvious he's messed up in pic 26. 27 is the heards of people heading out of the club back to America.

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29 you can see people paying their Quarter to be back into the States.

Then we have a little time jump to the next evening. It's now Friday night and we're at Rio's again. Even though we didn't like Rio's the first time, we were positive that between the Playboy pajama party and the Toadies concert that something good would happen. The first thing I did was get a big "Rio" drink. The second thing I did was have a pull up contest with Stas. After drinking I could only get 16, Stas won with 20. What did he when? A can of Copenhagen. Just seems weird. You'd think it'd be illegal to give that shit out.

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Pic 41 you can see the Playmates on-stage standing around for the guys to drool over. What I found out the next day is that half my crew got into the Playboy VIP lounge and also went back to the Playboy condo to party with them until the next morning. Oh well, I just wasn't at the right place at the right time. I was at (pic 42) the Toadies concert. They put on a damn good show. The rest of the pictures of girls I talked to while I was walking around with Stas.

Pict0053.jpg Pict0054.jpg Pict0057.jpg Pict0061.jpg Pict0062.jpg

Here's where the crazy drunkenness begins. It was 2am and the club closed. I had 2 32-ounce "Rio's". Both had no ice and were made very strong thanks to hefty tips (money talks). So I was about at the crazy drunk level. We get in the car and start driving home. Kind of weird I say driving since all we did was sit on the street not moving. Well I got a little too restless and haden to move around. So I jump out of the car and start talking to girls in cars as I walk down the street. There aren't many pictures of this because Stas had the camera and had a hard time keeping up with my sprinting (racing against cars running in the middle of the road).

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Well I ended up running the entire 2 miles from Rio to the other end of the island and at some apartments of some friends. As you can see in pic 66, I'm a little tired. But still have enough energy to show off my fake tatoo (pic 66) that I didn't how I got.

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So we ended up partying the night away until the sun came up. Yada yada yada, all in all a damn good night and trip. (I'm tired of writing)

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