Spring Break 2003 - Cancun

All the madness of being in Cancun by yourself for 9 days attempted to be packed into pictures. I'll write entertaining stories for each day in a little while.

Saturday the 8th

The drunken plane ride to Cancun. Ok, well maybe it was just a drunken plane ride for me. everyone else was pretty sober. But damn did we get the trip started off right.

Sunday the 9th

Hitting up the day parties at Fat Tuesdays then Pat 0's at night. I woke up the next morning and I didn't remember going home. Luckily these crazy girls took me home.

Monday the 10th

A little partying at Bulldogs then I hung out with the Papa Johns guys for about 3 hours and learned a lot of spanish and about Mexico. Unfortunately I forgot most of the spanish by the next morning.

Tuesday the 11th

It's all about wearing a toga to The Booze Cruise!

Wednesday the 12th

Went on the jungle tour and snorkling during the day with Amanda and then to Dady O's at night.

Thursday the 13th

Went parasailing with Lauren and Amanda, then on The Booze Cruise during the day, and then to Pat O's that night.

Friday the 14th

Hit the beach by Cancun Oasis during the day then off to Coco Bongos that night.

Saturday the 15th

I lapped the field of spring breaker's as I hit the STS "Welcoming Party" during the day and then hit La Boom that night. Around 1 AM I had to had back to the U.S. on another drunken plane ride. Again, I think I was the only one drunk or with any energy.