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Here are the pics we have collected from parties around Austin.

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Austin 6/7/03

Tubing on the Comal. Went down 3 times in a row, can you top it?

Austin 6/5/03

Pictures from a few nights of drinking for Amberly and Jared's birthdays.

Austin 5/17/03

These pics are from my graduation night! Also graduating were Amblery, Mel, Kyle, and Timon (probably others that I just can't think of now).

Austin 5/3/03 Day

Saturday we threw down and had a crawfish boil. I discovered crawfish can be used for many games such as baseball, football, and boxing.

Austin 5/3/03 Night

Another Saturday night of adventures downtown.

Austin 5/2/03

Pictures from my neighbor's (Katy, Shana, Rachel, and Ashley) spur of the moment party. Good times.

Austin 4/25/03

These pics are from the 1st Annual Orange and White Senior Ball. Just a few pictures of me and my date Melody. There was about 400 people there which was more than I was expecting. It was fun b/c it was like a prom all over again except we had a bar (though not a full bar, very unimpressive).

Austin 4/12/03

These are pictures from Krystal's camera. The huge Melrose Apartments block party. Damn good times had by all.

Austin 4/11/03

Just a few pictures from our huge last party of the year. These are pictures from Krystal's camera. Included in this set of pictures is the last known siting of my digital camera before it was stolen.

Austin 4/4/03

A little trudy's and downtown thursday. Then a few pictures from the Mesh concert on Sunday.

Austin 3/28/03

Here's Thursday-Saturday's pictures of partying.

Austin 3/21/03

A bunch of pictures from this whole week, see page for more details

Austin 3/20/03

Pictures from partying in Austin taken from Bobby's camera. Bobby came down from Illinois to visit.

Austin 2/15/03

Pictures from my neighbors party. Celebrating successful job hunting (or studying abroad in France).

Austin 2/1/03

Pictures from a little get together at my place and random others.

Austin 1/11/03

A few pictures from some parties just before school started

Austin 1/1/03

New years at Matt's place and a party in south Austin.

Austin 11/28/02

Some pics from the night before the UT-A&M game.

Austin 10/31/02

These are a mix of pictures from different halloween parties and 6th. Read the story that goes along with the pictures.

Austin 10/17/02

Darlene's 21st b-day on 6th. And a couple of pics from Delta Chi Pompeii party.

Austin 10/12/02

TX-OU weekend '02. Across the Street Bar.

Austin 10/5/02

Big pimpin at the 70's party

Austin 9/21/02

From matt's first party of school year.

Austin 5/25/02

Partying on the lake for Memorial Day weekend.

Austin 5/14/02

Tubing on the river right after finals.

Austin 4/21/02

There ain't nothing like drinking on the lake on Sunday.

Austin 4/13/02

Saturday at Melrose pool party. And then a little of Matt downtown taking 21 shots for his 21st b-day.

Austin 4/12/02 - Page 2

Pictures from Matt's 21st Birthday in Austin. Well actually the night before his b-day. This was also a celebration for Stas's b-day (on the 16th) and Daphne's (on the 8th). 4 kegs, 15 gallons of punch, and lord knows how many people, 300 maybe.

Austin 4/12/02 - Page 1

Pictures from Matt's 21st Birthday in Austin. Well actually the night before his b-day. This was also a celebration for Stas's b-day (on the 16th) and Daphne's (on the 8th). 4 kegs, 15 gallons of punch, and lord knows how many people, 300 maybe.

SWT 2/22/02

7 people from Austin take a road trip to SWT for some party hopping

Austin 2/16/02

Pictures from Rick's party, take by Rick. 3 kegs and 8 bottles of everclear

Austin 2/8/02

Pictures from SCOTT'S party (taken mostly by Scott).

Austin 2/1/02

About 150 total picture ranging from lap dances to pissing in the punch to me smacking a sasquach's ass.

Austin 1/25/02

A whole mess of different parties off Riverside

Austin 12/15/01

That last party of the semester hosted by Miguel

Austin 12/7/01

Pics from a party on the last day of class

Austin 11/10/01

Pics from the Delta Chi Pompeii Party

Austin 11/9/01

Pics from Miguel's party

Austin 10/27/01

Parties from the real town of Flatonia, Texas.

Austin 10/21/01

The party that even kicked the last one's ass. TamUt hosted.

Austin 10/13/01

Disco baby, disco.

Austin 9/28/01

The party that just kicks the ass of any other party. TamUt hosted.

SWT 5/8/01

A little pre-exam partying at SWT.

Austin 4/13/01

Pics from Matt's 20th Birthday on Friday the 13th.

Austin 3/3/01

Only a few pics from partying since someone erased the originals.

Austin 2/17/01

Tiffany, Carly, and Andi's 'famous house party'.

Austin 2/3/01

Great partying at Tejas and Sigma Chi houses.

Austin 1/21/01

Two nights of card drinking games and great parties, along with a good story to explain both nights activites.

Austin 12/9/00

Proof of why Playboy says UT has hotter women than any other school.

Austin 10/21/00

Party in Matt's dorm.

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