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Here are the pics we have collected from parties around the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Most of these are from parties in Arlington, but we have to head out of A-town periodically since A-town is only so fun.

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Note: All pics are posted with implied, oral consent, not expressed, written consent.

TX-OU Weekend '03

Road trip to dallas for TX-OU Weekend '03

A-town 1/1/03

Doc's New Years Party II

A-town 12/31/01

Doc's New Years Party

A-town 12/29/01

Good times at Adam's Going Away/Zach's 21st Birthday Party

A-town 5/25/01

Good times at Katy's house with a few of the "Dirty Girls"

A-town 5/17/01

Only known pictures of some good ol' Bench Drinkin'

Richardson 1/1/01

Crazy-ass New Years party

A-town 12/21/00

Two days worth of good partying in Richardson

A-town 12/18/00

A wild 'birthday party' at Hooligan's

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