Old Posts - February 2003

Old Posts - February 2003

The Man, The Myth, The Brewer
Friday Feb 28th 6:48pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Yesterday was the 21st birthday of a good man, Damon "Doc" Johnson (file photo). Tonight, his birthday shall be celebrated in Austin in appropriate fashion...with booze, booze, and more booze. Tomorrow, expect to see a lot of good pics and a sketchy written account of the this evening's activities.

free fruityloops packs

Note: Yeah, I know this a short post, and so it shall be edited tomorrow with inclusion of the aforementioned items.

Addition: You can view the pics from Doc's 21st here.

Picture of the Year
Tuesday Feb 25th 3:11pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Carpe Diem!

Tower-sized snowman

So what do you do when it snows in Austin and have a test at 8am the next morning? You gamble that class will be cancelled and run around campus until about 5am and make snowmen and sled down the hills on a piece of cardboard. Yea, that's right, I'm graduating in 2 months and that's what I do with my time, ha. Luckily my bet paid off and UT cancelled all classes today. I knew they would considering what they closed it for 2 years ago (see Brian's post just below).

The above picture has to be the single best picture of the entire year. First off, you only get a chance to build a snowman that big on the south mall about once or twice a decade. Second, it's even cooler to see another picture of how big the snowman actually is (yea, about a grand-ol' 5 inches). Great times, great times.

Ain't This Texas?
Tuesday Feb 25th 1:00am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

I guess old man winter has to show up sometime just to prove to Texans that four discernable seasons of weather actually do exist. Schools in Dallas have already been closed, and with the current weather conditions and power outages in Austin, I am thinking UT students will have the day off as well. Of course, this isn't to say that you should expect blizzard like conditions. Matt already proved on December 30, 2000 that it doesn't take much to close a school in Texas. However, I am hoping that we Aggies get to share in the benefits of a little icy weather. Even if the university was closed til noon, I'd be very happy. As a gambling man, I'd like to get some odds on this, and so if there are any meteorology majors out there, feel free to IM me. Broadcast journalism majors with weather girl aspirations need not apply. For your convenience in tracking the weather, I added the folllowing links.

City Local Weather School Site
Austin Weather.com UTexas.edu
College Station Weather.com TAMU.edu

I am sure all of you have heard the Ebonics Delta Airlines sound clip...it did come out a few years ago. However, it is still damn funny to listen to, and it is nice to see that someone added a little flash animation to it. Check out the new version here.

Mardi Gras!
Thursday Feb 20th 2:06am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Price of Admission

admission price

Well I'm off to New Orleans for 4 days of Mardi Gras action! I will return (I hope) in one piece and with pictures. have a good weekend, I know I will!

Nothing to do?
Monday Feb 17th 10:57pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Choose your weapon

Got nothing to do in your life? How about you pick a pill from above, move to Austin, and protest something. Anything, protest anything at all. Austin is apparently THE place to fulfill all your protesting needs; hence attracts the jobless losers that continually plague our streets with protests.

Not into protesting, but still have nothing to do in your life? How about you find some controversial topic (let's just say . . . abortion for example) and try to convince everyone that walks by that your opinion is correct. Not good enough for you? Of course it's not. You want to get the attention of EVERYONE, not just people within the first quarter mile. So what can you do about it? That's right, 80-foot signs displaying your thoughts in 8000-point font and pictures. What better place to do this any UT campus? Wait, I thought UT was racial and not accepting of anything (at least that's what I hear in the news.) So why haven't we burned these signs down?

Well if it was up to me, the signs would be burnt by now. But there's 24-hour police officers watching over the site so that's not possible. I'm not a big fan of the bible thumpers the first week of class, but at least they don't have a 90-foot picture of Jesus on the cross with blood running down the side of the poster into a red pool.

I swear people in Austin must not have jobs. How else would they have time to protest or demonstrate or rally or whatever every 3 days? In light of our last poll, where the racial whistle-blowers were by far the winners, I'd like to impose round-two: racial whistle-blowers vs. pro-lifer's. I'm interested to see you takes the cake. I am currently a little worked up (no, not worked up. what's the word? sick.) from the pro-lifer's. But I think as my stomach works its way out of my esophagus into its rightful position I think I hate each group equally. We'll see what comes about.

V-day action
Monday Feb 17th 1:27am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
V (stain on shirt) V Stain on shirt? ... yes

Who would have thought the v-day weekend would be a great one for parties? But apparently there is some great action for all that are not ball and chained. My neighbors Katy, Shana, Rachel, and Ashley (who must have hidden from my camera) threw down one hell of a box social. Click here to see all the pictures.

To add to it, there was another party just downstairs at the same time. So when we ran out of beer, we just moved the party down there. Well actually the police helped speed the move as well. Two cops showed up and cleared the place out in I swear no more 10 seconds. But at least they were cool about it and just left after that, ignoring that fact that we just moved to the next building. The cops said that someone called them from within the complex. Now who the fuck moves into Melrose not expecting there to be crazy parties on a Saturday night. Moreover, calls the cops about it? We need to figure out who these people are and kill them. Yes, kill.

In other news, I ran over a possum driving down crossing place last night. I see one possum going across and was kind of watching him. Then I notice a second one behind it at the last minute. I swerve a little to the right because I thought at first they were cats and I'm a good person at heart and don't directly aim for the road kill every time. Well the dumb animal turns around and runs back to the right, right in front of me. I guess you can just consider it natural selection. On the good side, one less dumb animal to rummage through our trash. But I was surprised when I turned around to see if I had killed it and it wasn't there. I guess I didn't hit it bad enough to instantly kill it because he got away pretty quick. I looked under my car to make sure he wasn't melted on my muffler and just saw a little fur and snot. What a trooper.


In more animal related news. My roommates and I have recently had issues of pigeons camping out on our balcony in for morning making noises that, for the first few days, we thought sounded like our neighbors making some kind of C-grade porno. Apparently pigeons make more noises than just what P Diddy makes in his songs. Anyway, in order to keep these things from coming back we now have an emergency procedure to follow (which I think is pretty self-explanatory from the picture).

Oh yea... I have some more pictures from lots of misc. parties from around Austin. Click here to see all those pictures. Included in those pictures is the coolest action shot of someone getting hit by a water bottle I have ever seen. Or check out the rise and fall of a 10 second game of beer can jenga. Check them out.

In the ghetto
Wednesday Feb 12th 11:41pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

So I was driving down wickersham tonight when I pulled off to the side of the road because I was distracted talking on the phone. Well not more than 20 seconds later, 2 police cars pull up behind me with their lights on. So I wait patiently in my car like a good citizen. The chick cop comes up to me and asks, "what's up man?" I reply, "Just pulled to the side of the road." "What for?" "Because it started to rain, I was on my phone and didn't feel like hitting something." She replies, "Ok, we just had some suspicious suspects reported around here so we were just checking up."

As if that wasn't enough to prove I live close to (no, let's face it, IN) the ghetto. As I was stopped there next to University Commons I see two guys walking up to their car to leave (I assume). Just before getting in, they piss on the ground next to the car. Then get in and drive off. Now, I'm not one to preach about public urination seeing how I've done my share in my time. But, for love of god, why didn't you just piss before you walked out the door? Guess that's what you do in the ghetto.

Spring Break 2003

Well spring break is practically here and I'm heading to cancun. 8 days, 7 nights. Right now I got an extra space in my room and looking for someone to fill it. If you are up for some cancun madness, have some money to spend, and think you can handle partying with me for a week, then IM me and we'll work something out.

If you are just looking for a last minute company to go through, STS Travel is the company to go with. They'll hook up you quite nicely and still have slots.

Dell Dude Caught with Weed?
Tuesday Feb 11th 2:04am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian
Lindsay, Sarah, and I don't remember names well

I'll start with apologizing for the blurry pic above. I was going to post another pic, but the girls thought the pic above was cuter. This weekend was pretty good. Super Dave hosted a nice shindig on Friday night. It gave me an opportunity to have a few drinks, smoke a stogie, and dominate the crowd in some playing of the 42. On Saturday, I ventured a good 2 or 3 buildings over to a party hosted by one of Alan's friends. It had been a while since I was at a party where most of the people were underage. They sure do freak out anytime someone knocks on the door loudly. You can see the combined pics, all 9 of them, from the weekend here.

For this week's installment of "I saw that coming" news, the "Dell Dude" was arrested while trying to buy a small bag of marijuana. Sure this seems like something that had to happen sometime, but this guy is a drama student at NYU. Buying pot should be as routine as brushing his teeth. Maybe he was stoned and someone told him NYPD stands for New York Pot Dealers. Oh, second apology of the post for such a weak conclusion.

Abby from ScandalousBunch.com is asking for donations so that her "friend" Dick can fly down to Duke from Boston U. to see her. If you got some spare cash, feel free to help her out. I hope she reaches her $50 total just so she'll take the video of her slamming six shots in a row. I'd like to see how the Duke girls can handle their booze. And even if you don't donate, make sure to check out the Ask Dick column on their site. That's some funny shit.

And finally, I know a lot of people are making some negative comments about the girls in the GGW pics. Of course, those aren't a good representation of the women at A&M. Those are a good representation of the girls at Blinn or possibly A&M who would get up on a stage and get naked in exchange for a t-shirt and with the knowledge that they would be seen all over the world by internet users and home video enthusiasts. Sadly, only one person claimed to know a person from the GGW pics, and she knew the guy in the red shirt with the girl on his lap. May his close proximity to such a skanky broad leave him free from infectious and contagious diseases, identified and otherwise.

bad bong
Monday Feb 10th 1:05am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Bad Bong

This is what we call a beer bong gone wrong. What was the excuse? "The beer came down too fast." That, my friend, is no excuse. He's lost all of my respect as far as bonging beers.

On another note, we've found a female counterpart to our site. Scandalous Bunch.com is a drinking site run by a bunch of chicks. While the site may not have a huge depth of content, it's off to a good start.

And here's a great state of the union parody.

Girls Gone Wild
Friday Feb 7th 7:33pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian
Girls Gone Wild

Do you not mind female nudity? Then, click here to view Marc's pics from Girls Gone Wild Night at Oxygen in College Station. Cover was $20, but I think he got his money's worth. And if you happen to see a friend of your's on there, e-mail us.

The Bubb Rubb Craze
Wednesday Feb 5th 11:34pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian
Bubb Rubb

It started with a news piece on KRON4 about annoying exhaust modifications as presented by Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis, and it turned into some kind of marketable joke. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, read on. I first viewed the original news piece a few weeks ago, and I thought it was quite funny and a bit unprofessional for a major city news program. But I had no idea people would try to make money off this jive. If you haven't seen the news piece yet, head on over to BubbRubb.com and watch it. And if you enjoy it enough to make an impulsive purchase, check out one of three(1 | 2 | 3) online shops where you can goods such as Bubb Rubb t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and even a thong. No klassy broad can live without a Bubb Rubb thong. This proves once again that people will try to sell anything because people will buy anything.

Have you ever been really drunk and needed something funny to do before you passed out? Have you ever done research to unofficially crown the most desperate person surfing the internet? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you have probably placed a joke personal ad on some sort of internet dating site. And if you like funny personal ads, then you will definitely enjoy this ad written by comedic legend and buffalo herder Cody Wayne.

A New Term
Sunday Feb 2nd 6:29pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian
Jessica and Allison

Yesterday was a good day all around. The only thing that sucked was having to get up early on a Saturday to compete in the SPE Student Paper Contest, but in return for getting up early, we got free food at Shadow Canyon. And yes, the bar was open. For the evening's activity, we hit up one of the coolest apartments ever. It looked more like the apt complex's clubhouse than an actual apartment. It had a couple of tables setup for 42, a pool table, and a bar. As is becoming common, two(1|2) different groups of people recognized me from the site. The rest of the pics can be seen here.

And stemming from a situation that is totally unrelated to anything happening directly to me last night, I joined the likes of the guy who created "CHiPs" and created a new acronym. Below is a definition.

ARSeD - Alcohol Related Sexual Dysfunction - a condition that can occur in both males and females in which a person's ability to function sexually is inhibited because of alcohol consumption; symptoms in males include inability to achieve an erection, total or partial loss of coordination, and drowsiness; symptoms in females include dehydration(think outside the box, or rather inside the box), total or partial loss of coordination, and drowsiness

Random is the Game
Saturday Feb 1st 12:27am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

As the title suggests, today's writing will include a bunch of random stuff that I felt like posting. This past weekend, my buddy Shawn turned 21 and had a pretty sweet party in honor of the event. Marc took a good number of pics with his new $800+ digital camera, and those can be seen here. I saw some bike cops patrolling Sterling Apartments on Wednesday night. It's nice to know the safety patrol is doing their part to keep Charlie out of my backyard. Was anyone else stunned by the huge reported losses by AOL Time Warner? It seemed to me that dialup internet service brought to you at high prices and requiring crappy proprietary software would always be a hot item. I guess I was wrong. Now it is time to finish up my damn presentation for tomorrow. At least we get free food and the possibility of prize money for waking up so early on a Saturday.

And for those of you interested in domain squatting, go purchase aggiezeta.org. As I was helping one of the Thetas redesign their site, we looked through other sites and found that someone had forgotten to pay their renewal fees for the domain.