Old Posts - September 2001

Old Posts - September 2001

Quick Post
Saturday Sep 29th 8:35pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

I am a busy man, and so I don't have much time for a lengthy post. The pics from last night at Dan, Kurt, and Ray's place can be found here. Thanks go out to Marc for sending my digital camera around the party and assuring massive amounts of pictures.

avi quick time dowland
Friday Sep 28th 9:33pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
3 Kegs

Are we about to party? You tell me . . .

Annoying bastards
Friday Sep 28th 10:33am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

You know what I'm talking about. We all have to deal with them all the time. The phone rings, you helplessly answer the phone thinking that it could be someone important (or someone that you know). But no, it's a monotone woman stating "hello sir how are you this (morning/afternoon/evening)." Right then you think, "shit, should have let the answering maching get it." But then you are suckered into listening to at least a few seconds of crap. I usually feel bad if I just hang up, so I'll usually yell, "not interested" in the receiver before I hang up. Well today I was nicer and actually listened to some of their crap since I was at work. Well she kept asking about a sales manager and ever time I say, "We're a consulting firm. We don't have a sales manager." So finally she says, "Sorry, I was just reading what was on my computer screen." Haha, end of story.

Thursday Sep 27th 12:30am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

TamUt.com may not have its own Swami for predicting games, but True Rival does. His name maybe Josh instead of Swami, but he can pick games nonetheless. Here are his predictions matched up with the current odds in Vegas.

Game Josh MGM-Mirage Game Info
Notre Dame
At Texas A&M


2:30 PM
Kyle Field
Texas Tech
At Texas


6:00 PM
Memorial Stadium
Kansas State
At Oklahoma


11:00 AM
Memorial Stadium

The score predictions will continue to be a regular feature on TamUt.com. We will display Josh's predictions as well as a noted Vegas casino's predictions for the games involving the three powerhouses in the Big XII south. That is A&M, UT, and OU for all of you people who know very, very little about football. Also, I don't want any e-mails from you LCC dipshits who think Tech is a powerhouse of anykind. When they win a Big XII Championship(like the aforementioned schools have), then they can call themselves whatever. However, by that point, hell will have frozen over and no one will care.

stick it to the man
Tuesday Sep 25th 10:33am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

If any of you remember my "exhibition of acceleration" ticket, you remember that I said it was total bull shit. Well I took it to court and after 4 months finally had the trial today. Yea, I played lawyer and got that bitch dismissed. Stupid ass cop. So don't let anyone tell you that you're just screwed when you get a ticket. You just got to remember to stick to the man.

This weekend will be some bad-ass partying. If you know me, then call me or IM me to see what's going down. This will be the return of bad-ass party pictures on TamUt.

New poll is up, old poll is down. I'm thinking that the almost 50/50 split means better times for everyone.

Weekend Recap
Sunday Sep 23rd 5:15pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian
Megan and Megan

Yeah, I have been too lazy to post this whole weekend, and so I shall wrap up this weekend in one post.

Friday: Megan celebrated her 21st birthday with a bunch of people and maybe even a few spirituous beverages. I wish I could show you pics of just how "spirituous" Megan was, but they would embarrass her. Although she was quite intoxicated, I think Super Dave probably shamed her in terms of alcoholic consumption. I don't think he even knows how he got home. You can check out the story and the pics here. Additional pics can be found at WhatIsPlanB.

Saturday: I didn't do any partying since I was just feeling tired pretty much all day. However, I was a champ and still went to the game. I have no idea how Super Dave actually made it through the game since he was still drunk and all. He was the real champ of the day. Now to the football. We beat OSU at home, 21-7. Our run looked good, but our air attack was non-existent. At least our defense showed up to kick some ass. OSU only got their 7 points since we turned the ball over on our own 10 yard line. UT rolled over Houston, 53-26, after a relatively unimpressive 1st half. Of course, Houston had no chance in the game ever considering that they were playing the 6th ranked team in the nation. The real story of the day, however, was how FSU managed to get killed by UNC, 41-9. That should send FSU down the rankings and make UT a top 5 team by tonight's polling. UT should be 4-0 by next week after they rip apart LCC at home on Saturday. We, however, get to face a bit of a tougher team as Notre Dame comes to Kyle Field on Saturday. They maybe 0-2, but they are still a much better team than anyone we have faced so far. Finally, for all of you that haven't seen any pictures from the A&M/OSU game, here is what the crowd looked like.

Sunday: I made the new buddy icons.

exercise anyone?
Thursday Sep 20th 10:33pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Well I think most of Congress got more exercise tonight than the past couple of weeks. Stand and applaud, sit, stand and applaud, and repeat. It thought it was funny when some of the people just stopped standing. I mean honestly, does each paragraph require a standing ovation? I was surprised to see more than a 5 minute speech from the cuddly teddy bear we call president. But after the statement that "you're either with us or enemies" will make for some interesting times to come.

You know what's funny to see.... you're standing in line at the ghetto (Riverside) HEB. In front of you is a person of ethnicity not to be mentioned (but he smelled like shingles and nails) and he's got 4 products: 2 bottles of deodorant, 6-pack of Bud, and 40 of Corona (which I've never seen before). I don't know, maybe that's no big deal but I think buying just deodorant and beer is funny. I don't know why. Guess it's like, here's what I need to live. At least he knows what deodorant, which is more than I can say about some people.

Oh, for you Nostradamus dumbasses. Here's a very well written paper explaining your total stupidity, ignorance and gullibility. Ah the total irony of the whole situation. Read the page to see what I'm talking about.

Well time to do what the government says and go on with my normal live. See you on 6th...

Gamblin' and such
Tuesday Sep 18th 11:58pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

As a result of some of the recent conversations on the message board involving bets, I started to reflect on my own involvement in gambling. Now, I may not be a former Notre Dame kicker or any Boston College student, but I have been known to take part in massive amounts of poker and have a standing bet of a bottle of Crown with a certain UT student on the outcome of a certain game. I figure that a lot of people probably have some pretty wild bets with friends at other schools on football games, and I want to hear about them. So, send in your best bet stories to TypingMonkey@tamut.com. I'll post some of the better ones on the homepage. And don't worry about me turning your name over to the feds or anything. I probably hate the man more than you.

Note: I am starting to archive some of the posts since we have returned into the old posts section. Check that out if you want to see any of the classic TamUt.com stuff.

We aren't the only ones who think so...
Monday Sep 17th 9:10pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Jon, an Aggie at UT Law, has quite an amusing story from today, and I felt obligated to share it with the rest of you who don't read the message board. Check it out:

I was walking the halls of the UT law school today and saw a guy wearing a Texas Tech shirt. So I was like, "Hey did you go to Tech?" and he says..

"No, I went to UT but I lost a bet over the weekend with my friend at Tech, so I have to wear this fucking shirt today. Besides, I doubt anyone from Tech would make it past the first week at UT law".


We know we aren't the only ones who feel this way, but personal anecdotes always strengthen our case that Texas Tech is not a real school.

keep on
Monday Sep 17th 1:33pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Darlene, Omar, Matt, Kristin, John, Milley

With all the talk on the attacks you got to do what the government tells you: "Keep on going with your regular lives." And for college students that means you need to keep on partying each and every 3 day weekend (since every weekend has 3 days for us). That's just what we did this weekend. Brian obviously had some bad ass parties and drank more alcohol than any offensive line would care to consume. I partied it out at the Wranglers party on Friday and a Rugby party on Saturday. I haven't been doing as good on taking pictures though. I think I just need to drink more so that I don't care if someone bitches at me for the bright flash every now and then. Eh, whatever.

New poll up. Old poll final results are here. New poll needs no explainations.

Ring Dunking
Sunday Sep 16th 9:00pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian
David and Bobby

Good times were had at David, Bobby, and Kenny's ring dunking. There were some other people dunking their rings too, but I didn't know the others. Good times are always had when you mix a bunch of people, two kegs, and a shot block together. Well, the two guys trying to reenact a scene from Fight Club in the garage wasn't exactly too cool consider one guy got his nose broken, and the guy who owned the place had to clear everyone out. Oh well, a good time was still had. I am still not sure how David didn't puke after dunking his ring, but he held it in somehow. A few pics from the whole night are available here. I may obtain some more pics to scan in since the pics of the actual dunking aren't that great. I did get a pic of Lindsay(Big Chest, Nice Body) and her boyfriend to prove that he actually does exist. Eric(File Photo) had a good time as well. He sure is enjoying his new life as a 21 year old. Also, here is a video of Eric totally drunk of his ass that Marc took on Friday. Click here to watch Eric totally drunk of his ass. Finally, Drunk at College saluted Megan's dedication to drinking by naming her "Drunk of the Week." Be sure and check out the pic. Thanks to Wil for getting the pic up so fast.

Eric's 21st
Friday Sep 14th 3:05am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian
Very drunk

Despite the fact that bastard Eric just popped me in the back of the head, his party was truly a success. Plenty of people turned out. We kept law enforcement out of it. Even that bastard Chinese neighbor said we were doing alright. We must be some lucky bastards. You can check out the rest of the pics from Eric's 21st b-day party here. Make sure and see the one of one of our people passed out hardcore. I would've made that the pic for the homepage, but it is Eric's birthday and all.

Time to get your learn on
Thursday Sep 13th 10:45pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

I have gotten quite tired of getting mass e-mails about Nostradamus, and so I feel it is my duty to now educate the masses. I guess some people can't understand that you can't pin a rational cause to everything, and they feel a need to create a story which better helps explain an event(Hmm, I can think of another big example of one such story). Hence, a lot of people are trying to say that Nostradamus prophesied the events of the 11th. Evidently, Nostradmus predicted this event back in 1654 through a few prophecies that he recorded. Now, it is time to separate the fact from the utter crap. Nostradamus(1503-1566) was a French astrologer, physician, and the most widely read seer of the Renaissance(Source). Basically, someone just took some of the more vague propecies of Nostradamus and edited them to make them more applicable to now. As an added credible bonus, the person who edited them decided to quote these as being said a good 88 years after Nostradamus was dead. This is just further proof that most internet sites provide information lacking any kind of credibility. This site, however, is exempt from that as Matt and I are omniscient.

now that's the stuff
Wednesday Sep 12th 11:23pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

You know what I would really like to get my hands on? Some of the crack that Netscape engineers smoke. That way I could live in this dillusional world where I make up my own laws and rules. Then the next week when I randomly feel like it just make a whole new set of rules that doesn't work with the last set of rules and tell people to go by them. Yea, that's the kind of crack that's too rough even for rock stars. I wonder where you find that kind of shit .... ?

Beat the Hell Outta Bin Laden
Wednesday Sep 12th 2:00am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

This website has always tried to exist to unite common likes and beliefs that Aggies and Longhorns share. Usually, this all centers around our love of partying and good times. However, I think we can all unite in our feelings of hatred towards whoever organized and executed the awful events which occurred today. Although no one is sure yet who is behind these acts of terrorism, I still made the icon above. Bin Laden still represents all that is wrong and evil in this world. May he or whoever is behind this suffer a painful and unusual death.

On a final note, let's cut the conspiracy theory crap. Sure, it is great to pretend you are smart and try to make connections with numbers and such. And sure, it impresses the most simple of minds who find happiness in a flickering lightbulb. This tragedy has produced some of the most awful connections I have ever seen. Let's stop spreading them around.

fucking shit
Tuesday Sep 11th 9:13pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

If you haven't heard, two planes suicided into the side of the World Trade center this morning. I'm not shitting you turn on your TV to any news channel and they'll be covering it. read here or just go to www.news.com since I guess another plane just suicided on top of those two. Fucking crazy.

Updated: Now both the buildings have collapsed and a plane also suicided into the Pentagon. Watch TV to see it all

Damn, we are so fucking money
Monday Sep 10th 9:00pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

US News & World Report released their annual college rankings for 2002, and UT and A&M just shamed all the other universities in Texas(with the exception of Rice of course). UT and A&M tied for the 48th best university in the nation and tied for the 15th best public university in the nation. How do you like them apples, every school in Texas(except Rice)? Baylor and TCU did fall into the respectable Tier 2 category. However, LCC fell into the Tier 3 category, riding the reputation of its 77th ranked engineering school(A&M and UT were both top 20). I don't mean to put them down...oh wait, yes I do. I wouldn't go to "school" there, ever. On a personl note, the webmasters' own departments did damn well as the A&M petroleum engineering department was best in the nation, and the UT MIS department was 3rd in the nation, behind only Carnegie Mellon and MIT. On a final note, I don't mind if a few upset Red Raiders feel the need to e-mail me and bitch. However, do not bring up the fact that your school gets a smaller cut of the PUF. I know you do, and it is your own fault that you do.

great class
Monday Sep 10th 2:13pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

I'm sure you've all heard about people talk about how cool Human Sexuality (EDP 363) class is, but I just have to explain further. I mean seriously, how many classes to you get to sit in class and listen to the teacher read the Kama Sutra. Or know that next class peroid is "Vagina Day." Next week is "Penis Day." Finally they've taken all the stuff that people are too modest to talk about and put it in a class where everyone can discuss sexual topics openly. Damn I love liberal schools.

Posting proves I am alive
Monday Sep 10th 4:00am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian
Jackie's First Tequila Shot

Sorry for my lack in posting. My misadventure with tequila on Friday night pretty much put me out of commission until today. You would have to see The Doors movie to understand my full level of intoxication. Pretty wild stuff. Though, it seems everyone had a good time over here. Jackie, seen above, got to take her first tequila shot. Jolie and Sarah got to experience what chick/chick kissing is all about. The link in the post below will take you to the pics of that in case you missed it. Good times...well, for the most part.

On a much happier note, I am officially off probation. I must just now hope that the College Station Gestapo and the Man in general will stop hassling me.

Offense, what offense?
Saturday Sep 8th 8:13pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

I think that's what everyone who saw the UT game should be saying. Seriously, we got more points from special teams than our offense. If we keep playing like we have the past 2 games, we are going to get raped when we play a real team. I've had enough, time to go drinking.

Also if you want to check out the party from Brian's last night click here.

And there's a new poll to vote on. The first week of class was offically good.

New Hobby
Friday Sep 7th 2:30pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

You know what's a fun thing to do on campus? Watch freshmen. You know who I'm talking about. Those little kids that look like they are from junior high. Or maybe they don't look like a little kid, but you can always spot the freshman face. The one that looks like they've lived in the middle of nowhere all their lives, and they are dumbfounded by their first trip to a city over the population of 10,000. But it's not just the first day that they have this look, it's the whole first semester. The guys you can spot playing tag running around flower pots. The girls you can spot when you hear them talk giddily about a "fraternity party" that they got invited to (thinking that they aren't just a piece of ass since they were actually invited to go). I encourage you to take advatage of this great hobby of freshmen watching. Makes the walk to class much more entertaining.

Silly Ass Red Raiders
Wednesday Sep 5th 6:00pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

It appears that the Red Raiders from prestigious L.C.C.(Lubbock Community College for all of the newbies) have decided to weasel their way into the Guinness Book of World Records. Which category? Skankiest chicks? Lowest admissions standards for a college? No, they are trying to hold the world's largest sing-along during halftime of this Saturday's game by having all in attendance sing the Buddy Holly song "Peggy Sue." Seeing as how they play in a stadium with a capacity fit for a 3A high school, I think it is our duty to break that record. During next Saturday's OSU/A&M game, I think all in attendance should sing Mac Davis's "Happiness is Lubbock, Texas in My Rear-View Mirror." I don't think any of the 80,000 people there will have a problem.

Buddy Icons
Tuesday Sep 4th 5:00pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

For all you hardcore Longhorn and Aggie football fans, I have made some Buddy Icons. After each game, I will update the icons for the next game. You can find the updated football icons, along with other TamUt.com buddy icons, on this page. Also, if you have any suggestions for some icons that you would like to see exist, e-mail me at TypingMonkey@tamut.com, and I'll see what I can do.

Lazy Days
Monday Sep 3rd 7:04pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Da Pool

Damn it's nice to see the sun again. And damn it's nice to have a big-ass pool to lay by. I must say moving into Melrose was a damn good decision. If anyone else is in Melrose at Austin, holler at me and we'll party. Yes, we will be throwing a party at our place soon.

The Monkey Returns
Monday Sep 3rd 5:00pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian