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Sunday Aug 17th 7:06pm
OhucijIxoqifa  - Texas A&M

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Saturday Aug 16th 1:56pm
Tubavapa  - Texas A&M

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Saturday Aug 16th 1:16pm
ZewayajoTazeka  - Texas A&M

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Saturday Aug 16th 1:02pm
Idufiha  - Texas A&M

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Saturday Aug 16th 12:47pm
VolizoQozuhuz  - Texas A&M

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Saturday Aug 16th 12:32pm
UrejutEgoxagoc  - Texas A&M

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Saturday Aug 16th 12:18pm
EpomepojEruquya  - Texas A&M

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Saturday Aug 16th 12:03pm
HoyilujaQatofa  - Texas A&M

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Saturday Aug 16th 11:49am
Ufevuwim  - Texas A&M

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Saturday Aug 16th 11:34am
GuneyutiSamepama  - Texas A&M

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Saturday Aug 16th 11:20am
Wafemiz  - Texas A&M

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Saturday Aug 16th 11:06am
Amewiyo  - Texas A&M

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Saturday Aug 16th 10:52am
AveyadZuvasuni  - Texas A&M

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Saturday Aug 16th 10:38am
EhiwekepWuhuwi  - Texas A&M

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