People We Like

Cool Sites


A pioneer in the drinking websites made by one cool Purdue student.


Marc's site. This is the guy who has done all of the videos.

Site 73

Great content. You may remember the webmaster from such sites as Drunk@College.


Always original, always funny.

Party School

A site that is trying to link all the college sites together...or so they say.

True Rival

Two guys yelling incoherently about the A&M/UT rivalry.

College Stories

Some great stories submitted from college students across the country.

School Sites

Texas A&M University

Official site for Texas A&M University.

University of Texas

Official site for the University of Texas.


Where A&M and UT students go to avoid registering for classes where they get shafted by the prof.

My Hobbes

Sure, the UT network maybe faster, but A&M's has this badass search engine.