Dumbfuck #9 - Tommy

This was a conversation between Tommy and myself(Brian) through e-mail. My comments are in bold, and his are in normal font. Tommy is actually a graduate of the University of Texas.


I know rivalry week is over but I have one question: What is your obsession with gay people? It seems a shame that you obviously think so much of them, when they actually have lives and don't think about you. Your Aggie education bodes well for you in the 21st Century - no originality, much ignorance, no life. You're a follower, not a leader.


Tommy Ates

I really don't know how to respond to your completely unfounded question. Please cite examples in my posts where I seem to exhibit this "obsession with gay people," and I will be glad to respond to those.


You say homos everywhere! (haha!) It's on the front page! Anyway, the best team won...

I was really hoping that you weren't referring to that. You are about 7 steps behind my thinking. First, Matt and I were posting the most sterotypical comments we could about the other person's school to show how mindless the rivalry can get. I figured that was quite obvious to anyone of average intelligence. Second, if you actually bothered to read what preceded by comments, you would see that I was just copying and pasting a rant about UT that was written by "Jim Rome." I used the quotes because I know Jim Rome wrote neither the rant about UT nor the original rant about A&M. I just needed to point out the fact that many citations on the internet are horribly wrong because some people have not figured that out yet. It's nice that you tried to make an intellectual argument against some of "my" comments, but you completely missed the point. I sure hope your ignorance is not a result of your education. Better luck next time when attempting to bash my education.


Luck has nothing to do it; simply skill. I'll teach you some time...

I have no idea what you are even talking about with that comment.

Sorry, I refuse to talk in Aggie-speak. Teach me how to "moo" some time..

I have a question for you- did you or do you go to UT?

I went to UT, so I like to throw salt on Aggie wounds! I have no qualms about 'kicking them while they're down'!

I seriously hope you did not go to UT. I would like to think that the University of Texas does not produce people as ignorant as you.

Actually, since I didn't go A&M, I wouldn't be able to answer that question!

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